About Us

Sinclair® has been doing business in Florida since 1997. In 2005 we started becoming active in “smart homes”, energy saving/efficient homes. As we later started the path to put solar panels on the roofs of our houses, we soon realized the need and the benefit for current home owners to also save massive amounts of energy, with virtually a zero electric bill.

While virtually no maintenance is ever needed on your solar panel system, installs, we don’t just take responsibility for your installment, but also any needed maintenance.

While customer satisfaction is our priority, reassurance is also included. We stand behind our products, and the work that we perform. That is why we offer tremendous guarantees and warranties. The below are just some of our backings, subject to, and included in our agreements.

  • 25 year limited power output warranty on solar panels
  • 25 year limited warranty on micro-inverters
  • 25 year limited warranty on optimizers
  • 25 year limited warranty on racking system
  • 25 year warranty on car ports
  • 10 year warranty on solar hot water products

The Environment

We certainly know that the vast majority of our clients go solar for its financial advantages. The average home off-set of going solar reduces approximately 120,000lbs of carbo dioxide over a 25 year period. This is equivalent of driving a car over 120,000 miles. Surely as carbon fuels eventually becomes more scarce, we are delighted to see and share being a part of with our clients, an improving eco-friendly path to help our planet.

We take pride in handling everything right, from start to finish. In the rare event that something doesn’t go right, we work diligently to make it right.